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Page up your Rank

Posted on October 4 2012 by moorecarol560 in Search Engine Optimization New York

Many Search Engine Optimization New York companies are still wondering if it is worth to sell links in order to make some additional cash. Google’s Matt Cutt has lately released a blog post which makes it quite clear that selling links is certainly not a good idea. You are likely to get slapped with some serious penalties. Though earlier it was quite profitable to sell links but not anymore. If you continue to make a living by it then be ready to deal with some negative consequences.

Selling links which pass PageRank is against the rules and regulations and thus can lead to penalties for those who are found to be guilty of violating it. Before October of 2007, it was not so. Later Google issued an official statement to indicate that the sale of paid link will have a harmful impact on the corresponding PageRank and soon Google issued PageRank penalties to a great number of sites. Terms and regulations have been expanded by Google and now the related information is also available.

In his blog post, Cutt has shared an email which he had sent to a publisher, explaining why they received a decrease in PageRank and a penalty. He further elaborates that if a publisher notices that their PageRank has dropped by the rate of nearly thirty to fifty percent then they are likely to get flagged off. He also explains that it is not easy to remove paid links. In fact if a web master decides to take corrective measures, they need to submit a request for reconsideration for penalty removal from the page.

He also refers to a report, in his email. This report was from an outside source, which pointed towards the spam related to the site. He mentions that no webmaster would like to have such an email in his inbox, for sure. His new blog post, which is titled as “Why did our PageRank go down?’ acts as a reminder for those who are selling links. Therefore if you get this type of mail from Google and a remarkable drop in your search rankings, then you need to take it seriously from the beginning.

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