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“How to control your impulsive buying habit”

Posted on October 4 2012 by carolmoore859 in Columbus Circle Bars, shopping in NYC

You work very hard for an entire month to earn money and then you spend it frivolously on buying stuff that is not actually needed by you. Sometimes when you go out shopping and have come across a product which you always desired but at that moment you know that you cannot yet afford to buy that due to your financial obligations. However, at the moment you cannot stop yourself and end up buying it. It is only when you reach home you realise that you should not have brought that product. This is called impulsive buying. However, the point is, if you feel that you have impulsive buying habit and would like to get a control over it; then please continue this article as it might prove out to be helpful to you.

Saying no to impulsive buying:-

Retailers mint money from your impulsive buying habit especially when you are shopping in NYC. Many retailers spend huge amount of money on customer purchasing behaviour and based on the result they know exactly which product (especially expensive ones) to be kept near the products that you often buy. Impulsive buying can also take place when you are with your friends in a place like Columbus Circle Bars where often you end up paying. When you are in buying mode you often tend to overlook the price and buy it anyhow. This behaviour has rendered many people often bankrupt while credit card bills, loaned money and its interest keep increasing.

Ways to stop impulsive buying:-

  1. If you are going for shopping in NYC, make sure that you make a list of things that you want to buy and are necessary. Try not to get tempted to buy small item as small items can also add up to your bill significantly. Try to stick with a list that you have prepared as much as possible.

  1. Keep track of your purchase by maintain bills and receipts. Always make sure that any product that has warranty or guarantee, maintain the necessary receipts. As it will always come handy in future.

  1. If you are out with your friends and as far as it not your treat, it is ok for your friends to pay their share of money when you’ll go out to place like bars and pubs especially places like Columbus Circle Bars.

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