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Most Common Reasons For Bad Breath

Posted on September 27 2012 by Carol Moore

Bad breath or Halitosis is a serious and common dental problem as described by the NYC invisalign dentist. It is the most frequent disease that results in bad smell coming out with breath from mouth. [nyc invisalign dentist] have said that most of this type of problem caused due to negligence of people in washing their mouth. Foul smell can come out from your mouth when you yawn in early morning. Different reasons are behind this problem. It causes major embarrassment while talking to people in front of you. Some main reasons for this problem are described herewith.

Bacterial infection is the main reason for bad breath. Bacteria can generate inside mouth and tongue if people do not clean their teeth and tongue properly. These bacteria react with the skin to produce fatty acids and other chemicals, which are causing bad smell. People need to brush regularly to avoid this awful situation. Mints, mouth spray etc. can hide the bed smell temporarily. These are not the ultimate solution.[nyc dentist] also state that abnormalities in nose and tonsil are also responsible for bad scent. Poorly controlled diabetes is another reason for bad breath. Smoking and drinking both act as stimulator for accumulation of bacteria and harmful chemicals.

NYC dentist say that dehydration also cause bad breath. Dehydration can result due to less intake of drinking water by people. Some medicines can also cause dehydration, which is responsible for bad breath. Low crab diets are also responsible for generation of foul smell inside mouth. People have to take foods containing vitamin C. Medicines with diuretic functionalities can also generate bad breath. People should be careful to avoid the problem of dry mouth to be free from the problem of bad breath. Constipation and generation of oral candida may cause bad breath problem. Liver, kidney problem and sinusitis can cause foul smell inside mouth.

Periodontal disease, acid reflux etc. are some minor reasons behind bad breath problem. You have to clean your mouth and tongue properly. Take more drinking water and avoid high sugar foods. Take more vegetables. Maintain good lifestyle and avoid embarrassment of having bad breath while talking to your friends and colleagues.

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