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Exercises to Stop Snoring

Posted on September 26 2012 by carolmoore859 in how to control snoring, how to stop snoring

Snoring also known as Apnia is considered as a disorder in the medical history. It is associated with many destructive effects against the well being of the snorer. Along with relational disturbances it also affects the health of the snorer. It has been noticed that it causes disturbances in the sleep pattern thereby inviting many other health hazards and disorders. They can even affect the performance at work and other social gatherings. It affects the level of concentration and mental growth. It is also considered as a major reason for heart failure in many individuals. It even causes blood pressure and other chronic illnesses. There are many medical supplements and some natural but effective remedies on how to control snoring.

Stop Snoring by Exercising. There are two categories of 'exercise' that we can consider. The first type is general exercise which is aimed at developing fitness and controlling body weight. The second type of exercise that we shall mention are exercises which are specific to areas of the body related to snoring, such as the jaw and airways. Some of the usual ways are as follows:

  • It is a problem diagnosed in many obese people. Exercises directed towards reducing the overall body weight can act as an effective measure in reducing the fat. Thereby opening the passage for a better breathing.

  • Another reason for snoring is the rolling back of the tongue during sleeps this will cause the airways passage to block thereby hindering clear passage of air. For this the tongue muscle should be strengthened. This can be done by repetitively moving the tongue right to left and up and down. This has to done keeping the tongue straight and as far as possible.

  • Muscles of the face and around the mouth are to be tightened and strengthened. It can be done with an easy stretch of the mouth as if holding for a kiss. This posture is to be held for around five seconds. This strengthens the mouth, lips and the portion of jaw area. This even strengthens the bottom lower area of the face thereby helping towards reduced snoring.

  • One can try to smile exaggeratingly and repeating a specific type of alphabet with a low silent tone. The facial expression must be kept the same exaggerated.

These are some of the easy and effective ways on how to stop snoring. They can be completed while operating other activities. This helps in optimum utilisation of time.

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Can u tel me anyone if we gain a weight there is a chance to snoring when we are sleep.how can it cause.what is the prevention.what we want to avoid in food. Is the problem cause by food or else